Sand verbena

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May 2004, Feb 2014

Note: Verbena is also a genus and common name for unrelated plants in the family Verbenaceae. 
That's why Latin names are important.  They are governed by International rules to prevent the same
name being applied to entirely unrelated species.  The verbena on this page is in the four-o'clock family.

Abronia fragrans
Utah—Great Basin Desert. San Juan Co.:  5 mi north of Mexican Hat; 1382 m. Snakeweed grassland. Richard Spjut & Susan Spjut 16314. 19 May 2008

Abronia latifolia

Wide-leaf sand-verbena
Samoa Peninsula, CA . July 2004

A common perennial of coastal California dunes.  Plants produce massive white taproots, which are rarely evident; yet, when found, they may extend to 10 meters or more in length. 


Abronia turbinata
East Kern Canyon Trail along the Kern River near the southwest area of Lake Isabella, CA.
08 Apr 2012


Abronia villosa
Borrego Springs, CA
Spjut 15217,
Apr 2003


Abronia villosa

Hairy sand-verbena
Palm Springs, CA
Spjut 15734, Mar 2004

A common annual on sand dunes
or sandy soils of low deserts.



Abronia villosa,
Algodones Sand Dunes, CA
Spjut 15275, May 2003