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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
May 2004, Apr 2011

Amsonia eastwoodiana

Utah—Great Basin Desert. Garfield Co., 1520 m. Blackbrush (Coleogyne) on red loam.

Low perennial from a subterranean woody rhizome, without milky juice; leaves mostly alternate; flowers bluish white with yellow throat, turning dark bluish-black. Locally common. Separate samples of root-rhizome (rt-rh) and aerial parts (st-lf-fl-ft). Coll.: Richard Spjut & Susan Spjut 16303, 16-May-08.



Amsonia hirtella
Maricopa Co., AZ
Spjut 3311,
23 April 1973

Amsonia hirtella
Maricopa Co., Tortilla Creek, AZ
27 May 1965, Barr 65-228

Amsonia tomentosa
E San Bernardino Co., CA
Spjut 15256, May 2003

Amsonia tomentosa
E San Bernardino Co.,, CA
Spjut 15255,
May 2003

Amsonia tomentosa
E San Bernardino Co., CA
May 1978

Amsonia tabernaemontana

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