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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
May 2004; Sep 2006

Baileya multiradiata
Mesquite Mts., Mojave Desert, CA
April 2005


Baileya pauciradiata

Riverside Co., W of 29 Palms, CA
Spjut 15753, Mar 2004

Paucin, a sesquiterpene marginally active in PS (138) was reportedly isolated by Cole (Hartwell 1976).

Baileya pleniradiata
Imperial Co., CA
Mar 2004

Baileya sp.
Mohave Co., near Kingman, AZ
Spjut 16046, Sep 2006


Dominguez X. A., M. G. Gutierrez and R. Aragon.  1976. Isolation of baileyolin a tumor inhibitory and antibiotic sesquiterpenlactone from Baileya multiradiata.  Planta Med. 30(4): 356359 (baileyolin also reported in Hartwell 1976 along with fastigilin B & C, active in PS, T/C 137).

Pettit G. R., C. L. Herald, G. F. Judd, G. Bolliger, L. D. Vanell, E. Lehto and C. P. Pase. 1978. Antineoplastic agents. 52. Baileya multiradiata.  Lloydia 41(1): 2936.

Pettit G. R., C. L. Herald, G. F. Judd, G. Bolliger and P. S. Thayer.  1975. Antineoplastic and cytotoxic components of desert Baileya.  J. Pharm. Sci. 64(12): 20232024.