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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
May 2004; August 2006, Feb 2008, Jan 2014, May 2014, Apr 2015

Camissonia campestris
Tulare Co., CA
San Joaquin Valley,
Tropicos Reserve, CNPS Chapter Field Trip, 02 Apr 2011

Camissonia campestris
E San Bernardino Co., CA
SPJ-15878, Mar 2005


Camissonia campestris
Los Angele Co., Pine Canyon Rd, CA, 24 Apr 2014


Camissonia integrifolia

Kern Co., CNPS Chapter Field Trip, Kelso Creek Road, Joshua tree ,
scrub with Cylindropuntia echinocarp, Encelia actonii, Chrysothamnus nauseosa, Eriogonum plumatella, 2 Apr 2015


Camissonia kernensis ssp. kernensis
Kern Co., CA, Pacific Crest Trail, south of Kelso Valley
12 May 2011


Camissoniopsis (Camissonia) cheiranthifolia
Big Lagoon, CA
July 2004


Camissoniopsis (Camissonia) robusta
Peninsular Ranges, CA
Spjut & Marin 15306, May 2003


Chylismia (Camissonia) brevipes
San Bernardino Co., CA, just north of Baker along Hwy 128, Feb 2008



Chylismia (Camissonia) brevipes,
Nye Co., NV
Spjut 15237, Apr 2003


Chylismia (Camissonia) brevipes,
E San Bernardino Co., CA
Spjut 15278, May 2003


Chylismia (Camissonia) claviformis ssp. aurantiaca
Mojave Desert, CA, Amboy Road, W of junction to 29 Palms, 20 Feb 2008


Chylismia (Camissonia) claviformis
Palm Springs, CA
Spjut 15731,
Mar 2004


Chylismia (Camissonia) claviformis
Mojave Desert, CA
April 1973


Chylismia (Camissonia) claviformis
ssp. lancifolia
Hills north of Bishop, CA
Photo by Susan Spjut, May 2006



Chylismia (Camissonia) parryi

ArizonaŚMojave Desert.  Mohave
Co.: Virgin Mts. Black Rock Rd
between Littlefield and St. George,
south of I-15 near Utah and Nevada
state lines and gypsum mine;
36║56'27.5", 113║38.08.1", 351 m. 
Creosote scrub on gypsum.
Spjut & Burchstead 16351,
21 June 2008



Eremothera (Camissonia) chamaenerioides
San Bernardino Co., CA, 1 mile northwest of Baker, Feb 2008.


Eulobus (Camissonia) californicus
Kern Co., CA
near Arvin, 19 Mar 2009


Eulobus (Camissonia) californicus
Chuckwalla Mts., CA
Spjut 15846, Mar 2005



Camissonia crassifolia

Tetrapterion (Camissonia) graciliflorum
Mill Creek Trail, Kern Co., CA
Apr 2010

Tetrapteron (Camissonia) palmeri
CNPS Survey, north drainage of El Paso Mountains, Apr 2010,