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Chamaebatia foliolosa
Kern Co.: California. S Sierra Nevada, East slope of Greenhorn Mts., Old St Hwy 155, Ponderosa pine with sticky manzanita, canyon live oak, Fremontodendron,  5,000 ft, CNPS Chapter Field Trip, 29 May 2014

Chamaebatia foliolosa
CA: Tuolumne Co., Sierra Nevada
Spjut 14751, May  2002


Chamaebatia australis
CA: San Diego Co., Otay Mt.
Spjut 16196, Feb  2008.



Trees and Shrubs of Kern County (Dec 2012)

Chamaebatia foliolosa Bentham 1848. Mountain misery. Low evergreen aromatic shrub spreading by underground stems (rhizomes), generally not more than knee-high but reportedly up to 1m, with a flat-topped crown; leaves fern-like, alternate, pinnately divided three times; leaflets very small, tipped with a glandular hair; flowers May–Jul,  conspicuous, white with yellow stamens; fruit with pericarpium covered by calyx  (diclesium).  Often forming extensive ground cover in the understory of ponderosa pine forests along the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada, also in the White Mts.,1,000–7,000 ft. Type from  Bear Valley, Nevada Co., California.  Kern Co.: the southern limits of the distribution, Cedar Creek in the Greenhorn Range (Twisselmann), 1,402–2,012 m (CCH).