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Feb 2013


Eastwoodia elegans
CA: Kern Co., Tejon Ranch,
foothill woodland near Bakersfield,
Caliente Bodfish Rd, 1 May 2010

Trees and Shrubs of Kern County (Feb 2013

Eastwoodia elegans Brandegee 1894. Yellow mock aster. Shrub with numerous erect to ascending branches from a central base, 0.5–1.5 m high, much like Ericameria linearifolia; stems striate with white shredding bark; leaves alternate, without petiole, linear or wider above the mid region, to 2.5 cm long and 3 mm wide, abruptly narrowed to an acute sharply pointed apex, fleshy, glutinous and sparsely scabrous, 1-veined; flowering May–Jul; flowers yellow, disk type, the heads terminal and solitary on slender branches, pincushion (hemispherical) in shape; involucral bracts whitish, 1-nerved, in 3–4 graduated ranks; receptacle with boat-shaped loose bracts that easily fall upon dissection; cypselae with short 3–4 angled pericarpia ~2 mm long with upward pointing hairs and terminal white flattened 5–8 subulate scales, ~4 mm long.  A genus of a single species found in woodlands along the west and south side of the Great Valley. Type from Warthan Canyon near Alcalde in Fresno County southwest of Coalinga. Kern Co.: “Occasional, often in colonies, on hot dry slopes in the Upper Sonoran subshrub association in the Temblor Range, the lower San Emigdio Range, and the west slope of the Tehachapi Mountains.  It is especially common in the very arid southern Temblor Range west of Taft, extending to the southern” Carrizo Plain and Cuyama Valley” (Twisselmann), 205–1,366 m (CCH).