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Frankenia jamesii
San Juan Co. NM. Hog Back Hills
SPJ-16396, 24 July 2008


Frankenia palmeri
Bahía Santa Rosalia, BCN
Spjut & Edson 5368,
Mar 1979

Frankenia salina
Tejon Ranch Conservancy
28 Mar 2009


Trees and Shrubs of Kern County (Jan 2013)

Frankenia salina (Ocimum salinum Molina 1782) I. M. Johnston 1924. A rounded bushy plant  < 1 m high that is partly herbaceous, whitish green; leaves small, opposite and in clusters (fascicles), narrowly elliptical in outline, 3–4× long than wide (5–15 mm), curled under slightly along margins  (revolute); flowers appearing Jun-Oct, petals pink; fruit a capsule. A widespread species of coastal salt marshes, alkali flats in the inland areas of southern California, to Nevada, Arizona, Mexico, and South America. Type from  Santiago, Chile.  Alkali heath marsh recognized in MCV2 when >30% relative cover in the herbaceous layer. Kern Co.: “A common and characteristic plant of alkali sinks in the valley, desert, and the Temblor Range” (Twisselmann), 81–918 m (CCH).

            Frankenia palmeri, which is of limited occurrence along coastal salt marbles in San Diego Co., is common along coastal hillsides in Baja California. A sample of the plant collected during the 1980’s was active in selective antitumor assays.  Active agents are unknown.