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Gilia achilleifolia
S Sierra Nevada, Kern Co.,
Piute Mt., CA, Apr 2005



Gilia brecciarum ssp. neglecta
Transverse Ranges, CA
Spjut 15178, Apr 2003


Gilia brecciarum ssp. brecciarum
Tejon Ranch Conservancy, CA
March 18, 2017, Photo by Suzanne Weller



Gilia brecciarum

Kern Co., California. S Sierra Nevada, Greenhorn Mts., mixed conifer forest, Rancheria Road south of Hwy 155. CNPS Chapter Field Trip, May 25, 2013. 

Gilia cana ssp. speciformis
Kingston Range, CA
Spjut 3366, 9 May 1973


Gilia cana ssp. speciformis
Kingston Range, CA
Spjut 15254, Apr 2003


Gilia capillaris
Modoc NF, CA
Spjut 14917, July 2002

Gilia capitata ssp. abrotanifolia
S Sierra Nevada, Kern Co.,
Piute Mt., CA, Apr 2005


Gilia inconspicua
Sonoran Desert,
Palo Verde Mts., CA
Spjut 15852, Mar 2005

Gilia inconspicua
Kingston Range, CA
Spjut 15262, May 2003

Gilia inconspicua var. sinuata
Nevada—Great Basin Desert. Nye Co., Monitor Range, Toiyabe NF/BLM, north off Hwy 6 on Stone Cabin and Willow Creek Roads; 38º08'15.2", 116º43.00.5", 1905 m.  Sagebrush scrub in valley and  on rocky NW facing slopes. Richard Spjut & Susan Spjut 16290, 12 May 2008

Gilia latiflora
Transverse Ranges, CA
Spjut 15184, Apr 2003


Gilia minor
Mojave Desert, Palmdale, CA
Spjut 15209, Apr 2003


Gilia minor
Mojave Desert,
California City, CA
Spjut 15814, Mar 2005

Gilia ochroleuca
ssp. bizonata

CA: Los Angeles Co.,
Western border of the Mohave Desert,
Pine Canyon Rd
 24 Apr 2014

Gilia sp.
Mojave Desert, E Sierra Nevada, Kern Co., Short Canyon, CA, CNPS Chapter Field Trips, 24 March 2015.  Base of stem with minute tufts of hair; leaves with cobwebby hairs; stem leaves clasping, calyx with black tipped hairs, as also stems to near base; floral tube glandular hairy, purple, throat blue, no yellow, lobes lavender, no yellow or white, no spots; anthers blue.

Gilia stewartii
Big Bend NP, TX
Spjut & Marin 15116,
Nov 2002


Gilia tricolor
Kern Co.: near Buttonwillow CA
Mar 2011

Gilia tricolor
S Sierra Nevada, CA
Spjut 15202, Apr 2003

USDA procurement of samples of Gilia for cancer research

Gilia australis

Gilia latiflora