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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
May 2004, June 2009

Gymnosperma glutinosum
Brewster Co., TX
Spjut & Marin15064, Nov 2002


Gomez-Flores, R.  L. Verstegui-Rodrguez, R. Quintanilla-Licea, P. Tamez-Guerra, E. Monreal-Cuevas, R. Tamez-Guerra, and C. Rodrguez-Padilla. 2009. Antitumor properties of Gymnosperma glutinosum leaf extracts.   Cancer Investigation 27( 2): 149–155.  “The present study was undertaken to validate the antitumor potential of Gymnosperma glutinosum from regional people's account, using the in vitro and in vivo L5178Y-R lymphoma murine model. Non-polar G. glutinosum crude extracts were tested on L5178Y-R cells. We found significant (p < 0.05) cytotoxic activity (up to 40%) of the hexane extract, which was further fractioned; fraction 1 (F1) was then observed to produce up to 51% apoptosis-mediated L5178Y-R cytotoxicity in vitro at concentrations lower than 0.98 μ g/ml, and possess significant in vivo antitumor activity. This study may support further evaluation of active F1 in clinical trials.”