Mobergia calculiformis

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Prepared by Richard W. Spjut
January 2004, updated Sep & Nov 2022

Occurrence of Mobergia calculiformis (Physciaceae, Lecanorales)
in the Northern Vizcano Desert of Baja California, Mexico.

Spjut, R.W., 1995.
Pages 475-482 in Flechten Follmann.
 Contributions to Lichenology in Honor of Gerhard Follmann.
Editors Fred J.A. Daniels, Margot Schulz & Jrg Peine. 
Geobotanical and Phytotaxonomical Study Group
Botanical Institute, University of Cologne
Cologne, Germany

 Endangered, IUCN: July 1, 2020





          Dominant lichen on dark
              volcanic rocks above Punta
         Escarpada N of Puerta Catarina, Spjut 13041, Apr 1994


Close-up of thalli on rock above Punta Escarpada N of Puerta Catarina, Spjut 13041, Apr 1994. Occurring with Vermilacinia procera.

Additional location: Baha Blanca, Pacific Coast between Guererro Negro and El Rosario; south of Punta Canoas. Rocks along the beach. Spjut & Marin 11466, 15 Apr 1990. 2905'N, 11447'W Additional location: Punta Cono. Low rocky peninsula extending out from bay. Spjut & Marin 11532A, 15 Apr 1990. 2857'N, 11435'W, elev. 2 m.
Additional location: Vizcaino Peninsula: Vizcaino Rd, NE of Baha Tortugas, Campito Lighthouse, north shore. On rocks of ridge. 2748'22'N, 11445'15''W, elev. 30 m. Spjut & Marin 13669, 28 Mar 1996. .
Reported by Spjut (1995 to occur on the main peninsula of Baja California from a ridge east above Punta Rocosa (between Punta Santa Rosalillita and El Marrn), north to Campo Nuevo, near Punta San Fernando. The 1996 report cited above is a first report for occurrence on the Vizcano Peninsula.  A chemical analysis of a 35 g sample from this location yielded 2.94% norstictic acid and 0.25% atranorin (Huneck & Schmidt 1995, lo cit.). A sample from the Punta Escarpada location shown above contains stictic acid, 1% dry weight, E. M. Addo et al. (Aug 2022), LC-MS and NMR, notably 1D selective methods with 1D-TOCSY and 1D-NOESY (unpublished).