Hydrophyllaceae (Boraginaceae)

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Turricula parryi
Transverse Ranges, CA
Spjut & Casterline 15377,
June 2003



Turricula parryi

CA. Kern Co., California:  Northern slopes of Piute Mt. in valley of burned Piute cypress grove, 35.54987, -118.47822 (WGS84), elev. 5,300 ft, CNPS Chapter field trip June 1, 2013.


Trees and Shrubs of Kern County (Jan 2013)

Turricula parryi (Nama parryi A. Gray 1876) MacBride 1917 [Eriodictyon parryi (Nama parryi A. Gray 1876) Greene 1889].  Poodle-dog bush. Smelly, sticky mostly glabrous subshrub to nearly 3 m high; stems 1–many from base, generally erect and simple; leaves spiraled around the stem, long and narrow with parallel margins, or sword-shaped, >10× longer than wide, pleated and shallowly toothed along margins, green; flowers Jun–Aug, in whorled clusters along an elongate terminal scape, purple to lavender, funnelform, 1–2 cm long. Fire disturbed forests and chaparral below 8,000 ft; Sierra Nevada and Inner Coast Ranges from Fresno and San Luis Obispo Cos. to the northern Sierra Juárez in Baja California. Type from Mohave slope of the San Bernardino Mts. Kern Co.: Walker Pass; road to Scodie Park, South Fork Valley, 2,800 ft; Kernville; Lake Isabella (Yankee Canyon); Piute Mts. (Lookout, Erskine Creek); Long Canyon (Keeler-Wolf 1990); Tollgate Canyon; Mt Pinos region—Pine Mountain Club, vicinity of 700 Zion Road; San Emigdio Range, E end of Mil Potrero near Mt Abel, 805–2,224 m (CCH).  Hannan (JM2) places this in Eriodictyon with reference to Ferguson (1998) who reported that the genus was sister to Eriodictyon within a subclade and to several species of Nama.